Some Thoughts on the Future of Idiotypic Vaccines

  • M. Brait
  • J. Tassignon
  • J. Ismaili
  • J. Marvel
  • K. Meek
  • O. Leo
  • J. Urbain
Part of the Progress in Vaccinology book series (VACCINOLOGY, volume 3)


We would like to answer the questions: Are idiotypic vaccines worthwhile? What do we know? What must we ignore? What should be done in the near future? However, we have not reviewed the work on idiotypic cascades here, since several early and recent reviews or books (including this one) are available (1–4).


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  • M. Brait
  • J. Tassignon
  • J. Ismaili
  • J. Marvel
  • K. Meek
  • O. Leo
  • J. Urbain

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