The Complete COCOMO Model: Basic, Intermediate, Detailed, and Incremental Versions for the Original, Enhanced, Ada, and Ada Process Models of COCOMO

  • Ronnie E. Cooper


Since its publication in 1981, the COCOMO model presented in Software Engineering Economics (SEE) by Barry W. Boehm has been at the forefront of software models. Since 1984, the existence of the Constructive COst MOdel (COCOMO) User’s Group (CUG) has served to maintain the needed information exchange and to be the vehicle for subsequent updates to the COCOMO model (by Dr. Boehm). Its public acceptance is a matter of record. The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) has served as the sponsor of the CUG since about 1987. The Department of Defense and Cost Organizations both have strong interest in using the best methodologies available for software costing. COCOMO is the best documented such method and has a wide range of uses. The COCOMO model has promoted the purposes of Software Engineering since before 1981. It has not become dated. It has more than 20 automated implementations. In fact, many people are still discovering this model.


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