Boltzmann Machines : High-Order Interactions and Synchronous Learning

  • Robert Azencott
Part of the Lecture Notes in Statistics book series (LNS, volume 74)


A now classical innovative paper [H.S.A.] by Hinton-Sejnowski-Ackley intro­duced a class of formal neural networks, the Boltzmann machines, governed by asynchronous stochastic dynamics, quadratic energy functions, and pairwise interac­tions defined by synaptic weights. One of the exciting aspects of [H.S.A.] was the derivation of a locally implementable learning rule linked to a scheme of decreasing (artificial) temperatures, in the spirit of simulated annealing.


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  1. 1.École Normale Supérieure (DIAM) and Université Paris-SudFrance
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