Question-Order Effects and Brand Evaluations: The Moderating Role of Consumer Knowledge

  • Barbara A. Bickart


In consumer surveys, questions are often asked regarding an individual’s subjective evaluation of a product or service and its features or benefits. For example, in new product research, we obtain a respondent’s evaluation of a series of product features, as well as the overall product concept (Urban & Hauser, 1980). We then use this information as one input for deciding whether the new product should be introduced. Likewise, at later stages of the product life cycle we use marketing research to determine how an existing brand might be repositioned in order to gain or maintain market share. Again, we require consumers’ evaluations of the product attributes and overall brand evaluations to make this type of marketing decision.


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    No call attempts were made once the desired number of interviews were completed. Therefore, the response rates are somewhat lower than would normally be expected.Google Scholar
  2. 2.
    Similar patterns of results were found when comparing unstandardized regression coefficients, representing the impact of the specific evaluation on the overall brand evaluation in each condition.Google Scholar

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