Program Participation: Contacts and Networks

  • James R. Gillham


When going from block to block organizing clubs, an organizer needs to know enough about how a club develops to assess its progress. In this instance, the word develop signifies increase in the number of contacts among households on a particular block. Contact signifies that two households have talked, and might continue to do so, about particular topics of interest in the program. Chapters 4 and 5 have shown that contacts are critical in influencing block club attendance and the Big Three. If development hinges on taking particular steps, an organizer needs to realize that and take the appropriate action. By knowing how clubs develop, more specifically, an organizer can deal more effectively with everyday situations like these:

• A woman reports that her closest friends, next door, have no interest in the block club. But she is still interested. Whom should she contact next?

• The president of a club becomes concerned that all its members live at one end of the block. She asks how clubs develop and how she can make her club develop.


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