Immunocytochemistry for Light and Electron Microscopy

  • M. J. Varagona
  • N. V. Raikhel
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Several immunocytochemical protocols have been optimized for the localization of particular proteins in maize. (See references.) Due in large part to multiple steps in the procedure and to structural differences between tissues, all protocols should be viewed as guidelines that may need to be modified for specific objectives. Immunocytochemistry adapted for the plant tissue has been reviewed in detail (Jeffree et al. 1982; Mishkind et al. 1987). In this chapter we present an immunocytochemical protocol that has been successfully used for the detection of the Opaque 2 (O2) protein in sections from maize kernels at the light microscope level (Varagona et al. 1991). In addition, we are offering a protocol for localization of barley lectin protein in the roots of barley seedlings. This protocol was successfully used for the detection of proteins in roots of several monocotyledonous plants. See also Parthasarathy (this volume) for additional protocols for immunoelectron microscopy.


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  • N. V. Raikhel

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