Some Low Elevation Fog Forests of Dry Environments: Applications to African Paleoenvironments

  • Alain Gioda
  • Jean Maley
  • Roberto Espejo Guasp
  • Andrés Acosta Baladón
Part of the Ecological Studies book series (ECOLSTUD, volume 110)


We present some examples of cloud water and fog precipitation on vegetation following Kerfoot’s pioneer work (1968). High fog frequency allows for the existence of forest communities in otherwise arid (low rainfall) conditions. Using the El Hierro fountain tree as an example, Macaronesian elfin forests are described, with special attention to the Garajonay National Park (La Gomera, Canary Islands) where very significant stands of fog/cloud forest remain.


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  • Alain Gioda
  • Jean Maley
  • Roberto Espejo Guasp
  • Andrés Acosta Baladón

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