Use of Ultrasonic Fragmentation in Colorectal Surgery

  • Tomas M. Heimann
  • Robert J. Kurtz


The mucosal layer of the colon is often the source of pathology that may be either neoplastic or inflammatory in nature. In the past, in order to cure the disease process, it was necessary to resect the entire colon and rectum and perform an ileostomy. In patients who refused to accept intestinal diversion, the only alternative was to retain the diseased rectum with the risk of continued symptoms and carcinomatous change.1–8 Although the Brooke ileostomy has been shown to be compatible with normal longevity,9–12 most patients accept it only when there is no other recourse. In an attempt to improve the quality of life of patients requiring an ileostomy, the continent ileostomy was developed by Kock.13–15 Unfortunately, problems with nipple valve continence have often required surgical revisions in patients undergoing this procedure.16–18


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