Sharplan High Power 1.06 μm Neodymium:YAG Lasers and SharpLase Contact Fibers for Arthroscopic Laser Surgery

  • Michael Slatkine
  • Douglass Mead


Advances in the development and production of novel optical fiber scalpels and ablators have paved the way to substantial new possibilities in arthroscopic surgical procedures. The 1.06 μm neodymium:YAG laser fibers, in contact with tissue, provide smooth, consistent incision and contact vaporization using the touch technique. With the probe’s slim profile, tissue at locations normally inaccessible to mechanical instruments (e.g., biting forceps and shavers) are easily accessible for treatment. Because optical fibers are “pointing” rather than regular “grasping” tools, the surgical techniques are easy to learn and safe. Only tissue in contact or near contact with the instrument tip is treated, and forceful manipulation of tissue is avoided.


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  • Michael Slatkine
  • Douglass Mead

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