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Some Security Implications of Growing Electricity Demand for the Use of Nuclear Power in East Asia

  • Michael May


It gives me particular pleasure to contribute this modest essay to Charles Townes’ 80th birthday Festschrift. I am not the one best qualified to expound on the excellence of his scientific work over a career spanning at least six decades. Over the three and more decades that I have known Charlie, he has been a model to me of what serious, mature, effective science statesmanship should be. From chairing seminars at which all sides of the then-contentious Cold War issues could be presented, to chairing Department of Defense studies on equally contentious issues in a very different context, his leadership has introduced insight, balance and rationality into situations where those qualities were direly needed and not often present in sufficient supply. It has always been a privilege to work with him. I wish him well in his 80th year and, I hope, many more.


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