The Laser Stabilitron

  • William R. BennettJr.
  • Vieniamin P. Chebotayev


The late Vieniamin Pavlovich Chebotayev was a visiting professor in my laboratory at Yale University, on leave from the Institute for Laser Physics, Academy City, Novosibirsk, Russia, when we started this paper. Although his sudden death during that stay prevented completion of the work in the form we originally had envisioned, I am confident that he would have approved publishing this paper in a volume honoring Charles Townes. Both he and I benefitted greatly from Townes’ early work on masers and lasers. In addition, Chebotayev was corecipient of the C. H. Townes Prize of the Optical Society of America in 1984for his work on saturated absorption spectroscopy—W.R.B.


Spontaneous Emission Saturable Absorber Laser Oscillation Dissipative Loss Bistable Region 
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  • Vieniamin P. Chebotayev

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