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The Electronic Emission Spectra of Triatomic Hydrogen: The 6025Å Bands of H2D and HD2

  • Izabel Dabrowski
  • Gerhard Herzberg


In the original work on triatomic hydrogen [1–5], transitions were reported which characterized the n = 2 and the n = 3 Rydberg states, the lowest bound states of the molecule. Only the isotopomers H3 and D3 were considered in detail. The spectra of the triatomic molecule were observed in the cathode glow of a hollow cathode discharge, superimposed on the spectra of the diatomic molecule. In fact the lines of the triatomic were distinguishable from those of the diatomic only because they did not occur in the anode glow.


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  • Izabel Dabrowski
  • Gerhard Herzberg

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