Phase-Amplitude Method Combined with Comparison Equation Technique Applied to an Important Special Problem

  • Per Olof Fröman
  • Anders Hökback
  • Nanny Fröman
Part of the Springer Tracts in Natural Philosophy book series (STPHI, volume 40)


We show how comparison equation technique can be used to overcome a difficulty that arises in the neighborhood of the origin in the numerical integration of a Schrödinger-like differential equation by means of the phase-amplitude method, when the effective potential behaves as 1/(4z 2) close to the origin. These results are applied to the calculation of the energy eigenvalues of a two-dimensional anharmonic oscillator.


Quantization Condition Energy Eigenvalue Schrodinger Equation Angular Momentum Quantum Number Comparison Equation 
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  • Per Olof Fröman
  • Anders Hökback
  • Nanny Fröman

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