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  • Gudmund R. Iversen
  • Mary Gergen
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Survey results and other statistical reports are often presented in newspapers and magazines and on television news. Statistical studies show, among many varied results, what percentages of African Americans in a sample prefer “African American” to “Black” as a name for their race (26%; 1989 telephone poll taken by Yankelovich Partners, Inc., for Time/CNN); what percentage of white Americans say they do not have enough money to buy food (13%; 1989 Gallup poll); what the mean age of female gymnasts equals (12.3 years; G. E. Theintz, et al., “Evidence for a reduction of growth potential in adolescent female gymnasts,” Journal of Pediatrics, vol. 122 (1993), pp. 306–313); what percentage of their time people spend sleeping (30.9; The New York Times, Tuesday, September 6, 1995, p. C6).


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