Educating Clinicians to Use Casemix Data for Decision Making

  • Evelyn J. S. Hovenga
  • Gregory K. Whymark
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The Australian Government’s aim has been to contain health expenditure. In 1990–91, the amount expended was 8.1% of gross domestic product (GDP), which represented a slight increase from previous years, but was considered to be of much the same magnitude as that expended during the 1980s. The proportion spent on hospitals has declined slightly [1]. The private insurance task force (1993) estimated that for 1992/93, public patient admissions accounted for 53% of all hospital admissions. Total health outlays provided for in the 1993/94 budget by the Commonwealth government amounted to 14% of the total budget. Public hospital services accounted for 32.6% of the health budget. Real growth in hospital services for 1993/94 is expected to be 7.5% [4]. There is continued pressure to find efficiency improvements.


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