Expression of Trichoderma reesei Exo-Cellobiohydrolase l in Transgenic Tobacco Leaves and Calli

  • Ziyu DaiEmail author
  • Brian S. Hooker
  • Ryan D. Quesenberry
  • Jianwei Gao
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Expression of Trichoderma reesei exo-cellobiohydrolase I (CBHI) gene in transgenic tobacco was under the control of CaMV 35S promoter. In transgenic leaf tissues, CBHI activity up to 66.1 (μ.mol/h/g total protein was observed. In transgenic calli, the highest CBHI activity was 83.6 μ.mol h/g total protein. Protein immunoblot analysis confirms the presence of CBHI enzyme in both transgenic calli and leaf tissues. CBHI expression levels accounted for about 0.11% and 0.082% of total protein in transgenic leaf tissues and calli, respectively. Furthermore, expression of CBHI gene did not affect normal growth and development of transgenic plants.

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    Email author
  • Brian S. Hooker
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  • Ryan D. Quesenberry
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  • Jianwei Gao
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  1. 1.Bioprocessing Group, Environmental Technological DivisionPacific Northwest National LaboratoryRichlandUSA

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