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Families of Complex Tori

  • Christina Birkenhake
  • Herbert Lange
Part of the Progress in Mathematics book series (PM, volume 177)


The endomorphism algebra End(X) of a simple complex torus X is a skew field of finite dimension over ℚ. According to the Theorem of Oort-Zarhin (see Section 1.9) every skew field of finite dimension over ℚ occurs as the endomorphism algebra of a complex torus. For nondegenerate complex tori the situation is completely different: The existence of a polarization H of index k on X gives strong restrictions for End(X): The hermitian form H induces an anti-involution ’ on End(X). The skew fields F of finite type over ℚ with anti-involution ′ were classified by Albert. In this chapter we work out which of these algebras can be realized as endomorphism algebras of nondegenerate complex tori.


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