Ileal Reservoirs

  • Fabrizio Michelassi
  • Danny Takanishi
  • Robin S. McLeod
  • Bruce A. Harms
  • James R. Starling
  • Eric W. Fonkalsrud


Before the start of the twentieth century, ulcerative colitis was largely a mysterious disease. Endoscopy (rigid proctoscopy) was infrequently performed, and surgical therapy consisted of attempts to irrigate the colon with anti-inflammatory liquids through an appendicostomy or later cecostomy (1). Part of this therapy was based on the lack of knowledge about safe anesthesia, antisepsis, and antibiotic therapy.


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  • Danny Takanishi
  • Robin S. McLeod
  • Bruce A. Harms
  • James R. Starling
  • Eric W. Fonkalsrud

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