Differential Operators

  • Adam Korányi
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We denote \( T = {\bar N_K}{{\text{.}}^c}A \), this is a semidirect product, a solvable subgroup of K T * ; it is simply transitive on Ω. From the transformation properties of the functions Δq proved in the proof of Theorem V.2.1 we have that
$$ {\Delta _s}(na.x) = {a^s}{\Delta _s}(x) $$
for all \( n \in {\bar N_K},a \in {}^cA,s \in n_T^ + ; \);we used the notation
$$ {a^s} = {e^{\sum {{S_j}\gamma k(\log a)} }} $$
“log” being taken in \( {}^ca = i{h^ - } \)


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