Symmetric R-Spaces

  • Soji Kaneyuki
Part of the Progress in Mathematics book series (PM, volume 185)


Let \( g = \sum\nolimits_{k = - v}^v {gk} \)be a real simple GLA of the v-th kind, and (Z, T) be the associated pair. Let G 0 be the group of grade-preserving automorphisms of g. Note that G 0 coincides with the centralizer C(Z)of Z in Aut g, and that Lie G 0 =g0.Let G be the open subgroup of Aut g generated by G 0 and the adjoint group of g: G= G 0Adg,Let U = G 0 exp(g1 + ··· + gv), which is a parabolic subgroup of G.




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