Gravity as a Pure Quantum Phenomenon: Mach’s Principle Revisited

  • Gerhard Grössing


So far, we have mainly dealt with the consequences of quantum cybernetics at the level of the linear theory. However, in general, quantum cybernetics is characterized by a genuinely nonlinear feature in that “particles” are considered as nonlinear modifications of an otherwise linear wave field. In fact, the expressions (2.44) or (2.45), respectively, give the probability P of a particle to be at a certain spacetime point as a function of a deviation ΔS from a most probable path such that
$$\frac{{{\partial _\mu }P}}{h} = - {\partial _\mu }\frac{{\Delta S}}{h}.$$


Gravitational Field Gravitational Potential Phase Wave Casimir Force Spacetime Geometry 
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