Constant Flag Curvature Spaces and Akbar-Zadeh’s Theorem

  • D. Bao
  • S.-S. Chern
  • Z. Shen
Part of the Graduate Texts in Mathematics book series (GTM, volume 200)


In §3.9, we encountered the flag curvature. As the name suggests, this quantity (denoted K) involves a location x ϵ M, a flagpole ℓ:= with y ϵ T x M, and a transverse edge V ϵ T x M. The precise formula is quite elegantly given by (3.9.3):
$$K(\ell ,V): = \frac{{{V^i}({\ell ^j}{R_{jikl}}{\ell ^l}){V^k}}}{{g(\ell ,\ell )g(V,V) - {{[g(\ell ,V)]}^2}}} = \frac{{{V^i}{R_{ik}}{V^k}}}{{g(V,V) - {{[g(\ell ,V)]}^2}}}$$


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  • S.-S. Chern
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  • Z. Shen
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  3. 3.Department of Mathematical SciencesIndiana University-Purdue University IndianapolisIndianapolisUSA

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