Linear Birth-Immigration-Death Migration Models

  • James H. Matis
  • Thomas R. Kiffe
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Consider now adding births to the previous linear multidimensional models discussed in Chapters 10 and 11. The assumptions are then
  1. 1

    Prob{Xiwill increase by 1 due to immigration{ = I i Δt

  2. 2

    Prob{Xiwill decrease by 1 due to death{=µ i X i Δt

  3. 3

    Prob {Xiwill increase by 1 due to birth{=λ i X i Δt

  4. 4

    Prob{Xiwill increase by 1 and Xjwill decrease by 1 due to migration{= k ij X j Δt for i,j=1,2 with ij



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