Linear Immigration-Death-Migration Models

  • James H. Matis
  • Thomas R. Kiffe
Part of the Lecture Notes in Statistics book series (LNS, volume 145)


Consider now the stochastic LIDM model, which generalizes the basic single-population LID model introduced in Chapter 4. A simple case of this LIDM model is considered in Chapter 9 to illustrate the basic methodology for multiple populations. This chapter develops a more general case, specifically the case with multiple inputs and two-way migration between compartments. The corresponding deterministic model is given in (8.4) of Chapter 8, with its solution in (8.5) and (8.6), and with the illustration of mercury uptake by fish in Section 8.3.1.


Deterministic Model Cumulant Function Cumulant Generate Function Mercury Uptake Independent Random Vector 
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