Somatic Sensation II

Ascending Pathways From the Spinal Cord and Brainstem to the Thalamus
  • Oswald Steward


Upon entering the spinal cord and brainstem, the axons carrying information related to different sub- modalities diverge into separate pathways. Some axons enter and synapse in the dorsal horn at the level of entry; some axons branch and ascend or descend several segments, dropping off collaterals into the dorsal horn along the way; some axons join the dorsal columns and travel up the spinal cord to terminate in the dorsal column nuclei. The key point is that axons conveying different types of information take different courses, and this fact forms the basis for differential diagnosis of lesions affecting the spinal cord.


Dorsal Horn Dorsal Column Spinal Trigeminal Nucleus Spinothalamic Tract Medial Lemniscus 
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