Prosthetic and Homograft Heart Valves

  • Ozuru O. Ukoha
  • John A. Elefteriades


Tuffier performed an aortic valvulotomy in 1912, and Cutler, a mitral commissurotomy in 1923, but it wasn’t until 1953, when cardiopulmonary bypass was developed, that surgeons, by direct visualization of valvular pathology, began in earnest to explore the range of possibilities in the treatment of these abnormalities. Prosthetic valves were placed initially in the descending aorta, but in 1960 Harken et al. achieved much better outcomes by placing them proximally into the aortic annulus.1 During the same year, Starr replaced the mitral valve with a mechanical ball-and-cage valve.2 Since then, prosthetic valve surgery has enjoyed ever-increasing success. Following mitral valve replacement, pulmonary hypertension is relieved3–6 and following aortic valve replacement, the compensatory mechanisms of hypertrophy and/or ventricular dilatation regress7,8 and impaired ventricular performance improves.8,9 Thousands of patients undergo valve replacement annually worldwide.


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