Respiratory Diseases

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Class 8. ICD 460–519. The class of Disease of the Respiratory System of the ICD includes the infective and inflammatory diseases of the nose and throat, lungs, pleura, the respiratory passages generally, and the mediastinum, not listed elsewhere as specific infective diseases, influenza, and certain noninfective diseases. The class does not, for example, include disease due to tuberculosis or pertussis; it does not include the cancers and lesions secondary to cardiovascular disease. The diseases included may be characterized briefly as asthma, the pneumoconioses, and the nonspecific infections of the respiratory system, the pneumonias and bronchopneumonia. Even asthma, which is fundamentally not infective, will often have an infective component either as a provoking agent or a complication. There has been some loss of the deaths from pneumoconiosis, since if tuberculosis is present at the time of death, it will be preferred, according to the rules, as the cause of death. Comparisons show that the diseases assigned to this class have remained constant over the various revisions. The deaths over the years before 1950 were almost entirely due to infections.


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