Representations of\({\mathfrak{S}_{_d}}\): Young Diagrams and Frobenius’s Character Formula

  • William Fulton
  • Joe Harris
Part of the Graduate Texts in Mathematics book series (GTM, volume 129)


In this lecture we get to work. Specifically, we give in §4.1 a complete description of the irreducible representations of the symmetric group, that is, a construction of the representations (via Young symmetrizers) and a formula (Frobenius’ formula) for their characters. The proof that the representations constructed in §4.1 are indeed the irreducible representations of the symmetric group is given in §4.2; the proof of Frobenius’ formula, as well as a number of others, in §4.3. Apart from their intrinsic interest (and undeniable beauty), these results turn out to be of substantial interest in Lie theory: analogs of the Young symmetrizers will give a construction of the irreducible representations of \(S{{L}_{n}}\mathbb{C} \). At the same time, while the techniques of this lecture are completely elementary (we use only a few identities about symmetric polynomials, proved in Appendix A), the level of difficulty is clearly higher than in preceding lectures. The results in the latter half of §4.3 (from Corollary 4.39 on) in particular are quite difficult, and inasmuch as they are not used later in the text may be skipped by readers who are not symmetric group enthusiasts.


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