Representations ofsl3ℂ, Part II: Mainly Lots of Examples

  • William Fulton
  • Joe Harris
Part of the Graduate Texts in Mathematics book series (GTM, volume 129)


In this lecture we complete the analysis of the irreducible representations of\(\mathfrak{s}{\mathfrak{l}_3}\mathbb{C}\)culminating in §13.2 with the answers to all three of the questions raised at the end of the last lecture: we explicitly construct the unique irreducible representation with given highest weight, and in particular determine its multiplicities. The latter two sections correspond to §11.2 and §11.3 in the lecture on \(\mathfrak{s}{{\mathfrak{l}}_{2}}\mathbb{C} \). In particular, §13.4, like §11.3, involves some projective algebraic geometry and may be skipped by those to whom this is unfamiliar.


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