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The Yang-Baxter Equation and (Co)Braided Bialgebras

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Part II is centered around the now famous Yang-Baxter equation whose so-lutions are the so-called R-matrices. We introduce the concept of braided bialgebras due to Drinfeld. These are bialgebras with a universal R-matrix inducing a solution of the Yang-Baxter equation on any of their mod-ules. This provides a systematic method to produce solutions of the Yang-Baxter equation. There is a dual notion of cobraided bialgebras. We show how to construct a cobraided bialgebra out of any solution of the Yang-Baxter equation by a method due to Faddeev, Reshetikhin and Takhtadjian [RTF89]. We conclude this chapter by proving that the quantum groups GLq(2) and SLq(2) of Chapter IV can be obtained by this method and that they are cobraided.


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