Lipids in Freshwater Ecosystems

pp 203-234

Influence of Lipids on the Bioaccumulation and Trophic Transfer of Organic Contaminants in Aquatic Organisms

  • Peter F. Landrum
  • , Susan W. Fisher

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In aqueous systems, organisms are exposed to contaminants via multiple routes (Fig. 9.1). The extent of contaminant accumulation ultimately depends on the extent and mode of interaction with diverse contaminated media. The influence of lipids on contaminant uptake likewise varies according to the route by which the exposure takes place and the lipophilic character of the contaminant. Thus, it is necessary to clarify the environmental sources of contaminants for accumulation. The means by which contaminants, once accumulated, can be eliminated from an organism can also depend on organism lipid content. This elimination can be modified by the route, contaminant lipophilicity, and extent of contamination of the environmental compartment into which elimination occurs.