Neural Control of Resistance Arteries

  • Tim O. Neild
  • Joseph E. Brayden
Part of the Vascular Biomedicine book series (VB)


Information on the effects of vasoconstrictor nerves on resistance vessels has come from studies on intact vascular beds and isolated resistance arteries. It was from studies on the resistance of vascular beds that it first became dear that most resistance arteries must receive a vasoconstrictor innervation from the sympathetic nervous system. Following the discovery that norepinephrine was released by sympathetic nerves, many workers showed that antagonists of the action of norepinephrine on vascular smooth muscle also greatly reduced the effect of sympathetic nerves on the resistance of vascular beds. There seemed to be no reason to doubt that norepinephrine was the sympathetic neurotransmitter in this situation. However, studies on the vas deferens, which has many properties in common with arteries, led some workers to question whether norepinephrine was the neurotransmitter. This doubt spread to the field of resistance arteries, and the controversy is still not settled. Indeed, it has been complicated by the realization that the sympathetic nerves are capable of releasing neuropeptide Y (NPY) and perhaps ATP, in addition to norepinephrine.


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