Models of manufacturing systems

  • Suresh P. Sethi
  • Qing Zhang
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The class of convex production planning models is an important paradigm in the operations management/operations research literature. The earliest formulation of a convex production planning problem in a discrete-time framework dates back to Modigliani and Hohn [133] in 1955. They were interested in obtaining a production plan over a finite horizon in order to satisfy a deterministic demand and minimize the total discounted convex costs of production and inventory holding. Since then the model has been further studied and extended in both continuous-time and discrete-time frameworks by a number of researchers, including Johnson [100], Arrow, Karlin, and Scarf [8], Veinott [199], Adiri and Ben-Israel [1], Sprzeuzkouski [184], Lieber [124], and Hartl and Sethi [83]. A rigorous formulation of the problem along with a comprehensive discussion of the relevant literature appears in Bensoussan, Crouhy, and Proth [17].


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