Identifying Unexpected Protein Modifications

  • Reed J. Harris
  • Michael S. Molony
  • May Y. Kwong
  • Victor T. Ling


Mass spectrometric techniques are often employed to rapidly confirm the expected structure of a protein and to identify sites of covalent modification. Peptide digestion with LC-MS analysis is particularly useful in an analytical protein chemistry setting where protein sequences are known in advance. However, a number of unexpected and/or partial modifications may be overlooked. The identification of novel or minor types of heterogeneity often requires N-terminal sequence analysis and amino acid analysis in addition to mass spectrometric techniques. Detailed characterization of peptide maps can reveal sites of protein heterogeneity if the investigator is alert and willing to allow for novel or unexpected protein modifications. Several types of unusual protein modification, processing or substitution will be described: the replacement of methionine residues by norleucine, the hydroxylation of Lys residues of non-collagenous proteins, the processing of C-terminal Arg/Lys residues by a basic carboxypeptidase, and the identification of sites of Asn deamidation, Asp isomerization, and succinimide formation. In addition, the discovery of some novel O-linked modifications of Thr/Ser residues in EGF domains will be reviewed.


Amino Acid Analysis Tryptic Peptide Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography Mass Spectrometric Technique Succinimide Formation 
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  • Reed J. Harris
    • 1
  • Michael S. Molony
    • 1
  • May Y. Kwong
    • 1
  • Victor T. Ling
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  1. 1.Analytical Chemistry DepartmentGenentech, Inc.South San Francisco

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