Introduction to Nonlinear Experiments

  • Richard H. Enns
  • George C. McGuire


As Richard Feynmann reminds us in his wonderful quote [FLS77], science de-mands that all theory be checked by experiment. It is because nonlinear physics can often be so profoundly counter-intuitive that these laboratory investigations are, in our opinion, so important. Understanding is enhanced when experiments are used to check theory, so please attempt as many of the activities as you can. As you perform them, we hope that you will be amazed and startled by strange behavior, intrigued and terrorized by new ideas, and be able to amaze your friends as you relate your strange sightings! Remember that imagination is as important as knowledge, so exercise yours whenever possible. But please be careful, as exposure to nonlinear activities can be addictive, can provide fond memories, and can awaken an interest that lasts a lifetime.


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