Ground Vibration Dynamics During Pile Hammering

  • Erno Keskinen
  • Sirpa Launis
  • Michel Cotsaftis
  • Yrjo Raunisto


Two methods have been developed for ground piling: vibratory driving for sheet piling and the more conventional hammering method for plain or tubular steel and concrete piles [1]. Both methods generate ground vibrations, which are possibly dangerous for constructions that are too close, with larger amplitude in the second case due to higher efficiency because of less oscillating pile displacement. The transient oscillatory wave is due to resistive effects of skin friction and point load. After ram impact on a pile cushion, a compression-tension wave travels along the pile body, and parameters have to be adjusted so that pile end motion is amplified, provided the condition for tensional peak to be always below the precompression force is satisfied. This is especially critical for concrete piles.


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  • Erno Keskinen
  • Sirpa Launis
  • Michel Cotsaftis
  • Yrjo Raunisto

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