Evaluation of Supports and Methods for Immobilization of Enzyme Cyclodextringlycosyltransferase

  • Keli A. Sobral
  • Regina O. Rodrigues
  • Rogério D. Oliveira
  • José E. Olivo
  • Flávio F. de Moraes
  • Gisella M. Zanin
Part of the Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology book series (ABAB)


An experimental design with factorial planning was used for the immobilization of the enzyme cyclodextringlycosyltransferase (CGTase) from Bacillus firmus (strain no. 37) to select the best combination of support, method of immobilization, and conditions that gives primarily higher average values for the specific immobilized enzyme activity, and secondarily, higher average values for the percentage of protein fixation. The experimental design factors were as follows: supports—controlled-pore silica, chitosan, and alumina; immobilization methods—adsorption, and two covalent bonding methods, either with γ-aminopropyltriethoxysilane or hexa-methylenediamine (HEMDA); conditions—7°C without agitation and 26°C with stirring. The best combination of factors that lead to higher average values of the response variables was obtained with immobilization of CGTase in silica with HEMDA at 7°C. However, immobilization in chitosan at 7°C gave the highest immobilized CGTase specific activity, 0.25 μmole of ß-CD/(min·mg protein). Physical adsorption gave low specific enzyme activities, and, in general, a high load of enzyme leads to lower specific enzyme activity.

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Authors and Affiliations

  • Keli A. Sobral
    • 1
  • Regina O. Rodrigues
    • 1
  • Rogério D. Oliveira
    • 1
  • José E. Olivo
    • 1
  • Flávio F. de Moraes
    • 1
  • Gisella M. Zanin
    • 1
  1. 1.Chemical Engineering DepartmentState University of MaringáMaringá-PRBrazil

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