Bronchoscopy: Rigid and Flexible

  • Sridhar Rathinam


Bronchoscopy is an essential skill all practicing thoracic surgeons should acquire during their training. The interpretation of findings of bronchoscopy and therapeutic bronchoscopy has significant implications in the management and outcome of many parenchymal and diseases of tracheobronchial tree. Flexible bronchoscopy allows assessments of airways as well as some therapeutic manoeuvres that are mainly performed by the physicians. The advancement in minimally invasive endoscopic surgery has taken place in recent years allowing many additional bronchoscopic procedures such as endobronchial ablation, stenting of the airways and endobronchial valve placements for emphysema.


Bronchoscopy Foreign body inhalation Diagnostic bronchoscopy Bronchial lavage Endobronchial ablation Bronchial stenting Endobronchial valves Brachytherapy 



Late Mr FJ Collins for imparting the wisdom of bronchoscopic techniques to many consultants in the United Kingdom.

Akhash V Rathinam for illustrations.


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