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Open Cones are conical instruments helpful in dermatologic cryosurgery by accumulateing liquid nitrogen (LN) in the designated area for the treatment of a skin lesion. Open cones are made of different materials such as transparent plastic or synthetic rubber, such as neoprene. Open cones are available in many different types of conical opening, meaning variations in diameter of the conical opening, to fit the size of the lesion to be treated. The diameter of the conical opening range from as small as 3 mm to as big as 38 mm. Open Cones are especially helpful for the treatment of lesions that require a rapid rate of temperature decrease for greater localization of the freezing area, making these instruments very efficient and destructive. Open cones are utilized to treat lesions in sensitive or hard to reach areas, or of irregular shaped and profile. Open cone sets consist of a number of open cones of different opening diameter and a LN spray container ready to use. Open cone sets are also known as cryoplates, or cryocones, depending on the brand.


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