Withdrawal Devices

  • Carmen I. Hernandez Lara


Withdrawal Equipment includes devices utilized to obtain liquid nitrogen (LN) from a container or dewar. There are several types of withdrawal devices depending on the technology for LN storage and delivery. Less sophisticated devices include dippers, which are long thin steel rods attached to a steel cup. This device is immersed into the dewar to obtain small quantities of liquid nitrogen. Withdrawal tubes with a filter are also available for small quantities of LN. More sophisticated withdrawal devices include faucets with a switch and a LN filter. Withdrawal devices come in different sizes depending on the amount of LN that the dewar can store.

Withdrawal equipment are complimented with many accessories ranging from withdrawal stands in order to pour LN from larger dewars, to filters attached to the withdrawal device that clean the liquid nitrogen. Other accessories include replacement dewar caps and cores for dewars of different sizes that range from 4 to 50 l, dewar dippers for dispensing small quantities of LN, pouring spouts for dewars of all sizes and dewar dippers for dispensing bigger quantities from up to 35 l dewars. The dewar measuring rod is a helpful device that indicates the level of LN in the dewar and is available for the different dewar sizes.


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