Bihemispheric Infarcts

  • Rupert Oliver
  • Richard Perry


Atrial myxomas arise from the multipotential mesenchymal cells of the endocardium and are usually left-sided. Most originate in the limbus fossae ovalis but 10 % are found in other regions including the anterior and posterior walls of the atria or the atrial appendages. The tumour is characterised by a gelatinous mass which is round, oval or polypoid in shape, often pedunculated. Ischaemic stroke due to embolic occlusion of the middle cerebral artery is the most common presentation of atrial myxoma although it is a very rare cause of stroke overall (<1 %). Other reported neurological manifestations include seizures (due to ischaemia, haemorrhage from myxoma-related anuerysms and cerebral metastases). The presentations and hyperacute and acute management are discussed.


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