• Paul R. BarachEmail author
  • Jeffrey P. Jacobs
  • Peter C. Laussen
  • Steven E. Lipshultz


 The fields of pediatric cardiology and cardiac surgery have grown and progressed faster than most other fields in medicine. In this 2 volume text book, the current state of outcomes analysis, quality improvement, and patient safety are examined. Volume 1 focuses on leading work in pediatric cardiac care to understand and measure improved patient outcomes and how to establish collaborative definitions and tools of quality and outcomes measurement. Volume 2 covers the new sciences of implementation, continuous quality improvement, safety science and systems improvement.


Patient safety Systems improvement risk managment Patient outcomes Culture of care 


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  6. 6.Carman and Ann Adams Department of PediatricsWayne State University School of Medicine, University Pediatricians, Children’s Hospital of Michigan, Detroit Medical Center, Children’s Research Center of MichiganDetroitUSA

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