Local Vascular Bone Graft Reconstruction

  • Louisa N. Banks
  • Ian A. Trail


Huntington first described vascularised bone graft in 1905 (pedicled fibular to cover a tibial defect). Since then, pedicle grafts have been reported using the rib, clavicle, iliac crest, scapula, medial femoral condyle, distal radius, greater and lesser trochanter, pisiform, humerus and second metacarpal. Vascularised bone grafts (VBGs) have been used in the treatment of many pathologies including: those involving the carpus; intercalary defects of long bones; lower limb osteomyelitis; in the spine and also for reconstruction (of the mandible) [1–4].


Vascularised bone grafts Pedicled bone grafts Kienböck’s disease Preiser’s disease Intercompartmental supraretinacular artery Extensor compartment artery Corticocancellous graft Avascular necrosis carpus Microvascular Non-union 


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