Parameterized Counting and Randomization

  • Rodney G. Downey
  • Michael R. Fellows
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In this chapter, we will first look at parameterized counting problems as an analog to the classical problem of counting. We establish the classes #W[t] and related issues, and prove completeness results. We present the Flum–Grohe results on the hardness of counting k-cycles. Later we introduce a formal model for parameterized randomization. We prove an analog of the Valiant–Vazirani Theorem.


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  • Rodney G. Downey
    • 1
  • Michael R. Fellows
    • 2
  1. 1.School of Mathematics, Statistics and Operations ResearchVictoria UniversityWellingtonNew Zealand
  2. 2.School of Engineering and Information TechnologyCharles Darwin UniversityDarwinAustralia

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