308 Nanometer Excimer Laser in the Therapy of Peripheral Vascular Disease


Excimer laser (308 nm) is presently utilized to treat a wide range of peripheral arterial disease states. It has been used extensively in obstructive disease of the superficial femoral, popliteal, and infra-popliteal vessels. It has been utilized to treat in-stent obstructions as well as graft occlusions. It has been utilized as a crossing tool and an atherectomy device. Advancements in laser technology and technique have resulted in increased utilization. The EXCITE trial has shown laser atherectomy to be superior to PTA for the treatment of SFA in-stent restenosis. Ongoing research utilizing laser atherectomy followed by drug-eluting balloon angioplasty has shown encouraging initial results. Laser results appear to be related as much to improved technique as to improved technology.


Laser atherectomy in superficial femoral artery Laser atherectomy in popliteal artery Laser atherectomy in infrapopliteal disease In-stent use of laser atherectomy Laser as a crossing tool Laser in clot Laser as therapy of in-stent stenosis Laser and drug-eluting balloons 


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