Teaching Management Analysis on Sports Club in Colleges of Vocational Education

  • Jing Chen
Conference paper
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To explore the teaching management on sports club in colleges of vocational education, this study used literature review, expert interview, questionnaires survey, and statistic analysis methods, it came into the following findings: (a) the sports events do not meet the need of the students in the college of vocation education, (b) school sports facilities and equipment cannot meet the teaching management on sports club mode, and (c) teaching in sports club mode needs the physical education owns more skill. In order to resolve this problem, the author suggests the following: (a) school authorities and local government should endeavor to complement the effort of the teachers with enough funds in the culture of improvisation in the bid to providing needed infrastructural materials so as to improve physical education teacher and (b) training and re-training programmers should be conducted regularly for teachers to facilitate improvement on sports skills.


Sports club Colleges of vocational education Teaching management Physical education Sports facilities and equipment 


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