Industrialized Development of Chinese Broad-Sensed Gymnastics

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Purposes are to explore the healthy development angle, theory, and method of the Chinese gymnastics. Based on the practical situation for gymnastic development in the process of Chinese construction of a sport power, this paper employs such approaches as the literature review, expert consultation, and logical analysis to research the broad-sensed gymnastics. It is proposed that Chinese broad-sensed gymnastics should be developed in an industrialized way. Meanwhile, the necessity and feasibility for the industrialized development of the broad-sensed gymnastics are further discussed. Research findings indicate that the industrialized development of the broad-sensed gymnastics is highly necessary and feasible and it is a must for Chinese broad-sensed gymnastics to overcome the practical development predicament. Finally, tentative suggestions are given concerning the further research on relevant issues.


Broad-sensed gymnastics Industrialized Feasibility Necessity China 


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  1. 1.Department of Physical EducationChengdu Sport UniversityChengduChina

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