Study on Professional Education in Liberal Arts Colleges

  • Ping-an Wang
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In recent years, in order to bring up qualified military personnel, all the military academies promote the transformation of college education vigorously, transformation and construction of professional teaching have taken solid steps, training level and the quality of bringing up personnel have been promoting continuously. In recent days, the transformation of professional education has entered into critical period, various contradictions intervene with each other, and the task of transformation is still very difficult and important. In order to bring up military personnel who adapt to information war, we must face the appearing contradictions and issues carefully, and we should promote the deep development of professional education vigorously with forward-looking vision, developing perspectives, science initiatives, and strengthen the power of reform and information.


Military personnel Professional education College education 


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  1. 1.Military Personnel Management Department of Xi’an Political AcademyXi’anChina

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