Solution of Online Reimbursement System on Campus Network

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With the development of the teaching scale in universities with more than one campus, especially after carrying out national treasury centralized payment, reimbursement is becoming a serious problem. Regarding widespread financial reimbursement, this paper tries to design and realize an online reimbursement system based on campus network, putting forward the goal and the overall framework of the system, analyzing and studying the landed of the reimbursement system, appointment reimbursement, query, and application of accounting treatment to achieve the method that simplifies the electronic work and network. Then we can standardize and improve the financial reimbursement processes and improve accounting efficiency and service level.


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82.1 Introduction

University financial experience from the accounting treatment of type to the accounting and handling of heavy-duty computerized accounting to accounting changes, are the changes proposed to apply the skills and level of financial requirements [1, 2]. So, to handle the important support skills as a university financial accounting information system must comply with the financial requirements for the extensions that must be after the control to control the steering in advance and do [3, 4]. With the opening of the campus network, the implementation of the cash reimbursement system, maturing financial software construction accounting environment, and accounting skills increasingly rely on technology and financial processes unable to meet the need for faculty, online booking reimbursement system happens to be in began construction of such an environment [5, 6, 7]. Line reimbursement system designed to regulate the reimbursement of the financial units of business processes, enhance the work efficiency of the financial unit, save the reimbursement of staff time and the leadership of the processing time [8], and the staff reimbursement network and continue to promote the financial information for the technology and network construction, the innovative concept of financial management and improve financial conduct business level.

82.2 The Online Reimbursement System Needs Analysis and Solution

82.2.1 Requirements Analysis

Build a break with tradition hand, from the geographical and time constraints network reimbursement system, university financial management of scientific, networking and standardization. Related to financial services due to financial reimbursement, reimbursement of operating the technical content is not high, but the operation of the complex degree of specification to implement the difficult, the process is more flexible. The online reimbursement system design is necessary to regulate the financial sector reimbursement of business processes, improve financial sector efficiency, save the reimbursement of staff time and the leadership of the processing time, and the staff reimbursement network. The online reimbursement system B/S structure the support staff at any time, any place, the Internet browser to submit reimbursement claims and reservations. Online booking reimbursement system through the campus network, independent of time and space constraints, the teacher may apply in the campus network terminal, make an appointment, print and other operations; the treasury to advance understanding of arrangements for reimbursement apply to audit the original documents, automatically generated vouchers. Ensure the timeliness and completeness of financial information, but also greatly reduce the workload of the finance staff, to improve the precision level of financial management. Online booking reimbursement system will fill in the standardized documents, business approval process, the transparency of financial audit, in order to raise the overall quality of financial information, financial information is accurate, complete and timely role in the management. Online reimbursement system can also be at the same time, budget management, financial accounting, online banking system interconnection, interoperability is not only a major change to the traditional ways of working, but also for the scientific development of the universities financial information system to create a new platform.

82.2.2 Solution Analysis and Selection

According to the functionality of the online booking for reimbursement, we proposed two alternative solutions.
  1. (1)

    The program is implemented in the accounting of the center within the local area network is essentially the same case, the realization of the principle is network online operation, the data centralized management. The installation of a dedicated remote application server or a database server, and the bureau rent a green DDN special line connected to the NTU. If you take into account network security, we recommend using a firewall. Accounting unit connected to the Internet (or terminals are connected to the ISDN terminal through Modem, this can also increase speed), log into a central server, through the front of our software connected to the central server system, direct operations and save each accounting unit reimbursement member input all the data stored on a central server. In this mode, each accounting unit reimbursement member in the unit of input data is equivalent to directly operate on a central server. The advantage of this program is easy to implement, public DDN is established by the existing long-distance digital telephone and telecommunications department and the city’s digital telephone and wide coverage, and full-featured communications networks, thus the use of the DDN to the formation of a user’s computer networks with less investment, effective fast, easy to use features. The shortcomings of the program is a waste of resources, use of high cost, because the online operation requires the use of accounting unit, and the current stability of the network is not very good, easy to break; followed via the Internet to access the LAN, there are security risks.

  2. (2)
    The second solution in the accounting unit to set up a terminal, with appropriate application software, the accounting unit in the local database input after, through dial-up Internet access, data transfer to the accounting center remote application server database, central database from time to time to receive data transmitted by the accounting unit and placed in a temporary database. Accounting unit reimbursement member of the original documents sent to the center of the foreground window, the window of the front desk staff to bring up the temporary repository of data, after the check, go to the official database. See Fig. 82.1. The program has the advantage of accounting units in the input data without the online operation, do not need to spend the appropriate calls, and thus a lower cost; transmission time is relatively short, and not on the Internet network, so security is better; to left on the local server data to facilitate the accounting unit financial data queries. The program requires each unit corresponds to one platform and accounting center, accounting center should be an application server.
    Fig. 82.1

    a Schematic diagram of the second solution


82.3 The Reimbursement System of Online Booking

82.3.1 System Program Structure Design

Figure 82.2 shows, online reservation reimbursement system adopts B/S three-tier architecture. In the three-tier structure, ask the introduction of software and application server, the presentation logic on the client, the business logic on the application server, and data logic on the database server side. Such a large amount of data access to only interact with the middle-tier application server, without affecting the database server, the efficiency would be enhanced. Teachers to fill the reimbursement information, query, modify, and submit data to the Web server. System administrator on the Web server access control account assignments, user management, and basic data operations Treasury Web server data to the accounting documents of the business process.
Fig. 82.2

Online reservation reimbursement system adopts B/S three-tier architecture

The system architecture process financial database and reservation system database the two can be passed on the basis of the data, and audit appointment document information. All users can connect through the Web server print server to print the data to form the final reimbursement documents.

82.3.2 System Design Features

System design and development in the openness of the system, scalability, maintainability, advanced technology, practicality, safety, timeliness, stability and norms, etc. should have outstanding advantages.

The openness of the system design using the open network communication protocols (TCP/IP), to adapt to the mainstream operating system, data operations to comply with the standard database query language (SQL), data exchange to establish the current widespread adoption of xml technology, to ensure that the system on the open platform, and other business application systems have good interconnection and interoperability. The system supports the application of the digital campus unified authentication, to support the University EAI integration.

Scalability and maintainability of the system using C/S combination of the diverse architecture of the B/S, give full play to the respective merits of heterogeneous, so that the system has good maintainability, system analysis and design using object-oriented, component, three layer structure, middleware technology, and extensive use of xml technology, so that the system has good scalability. System and nonfinancial income, capital monitoring system, the Senate, on-line banking system, assets, systems, personnel systems, research management system, logistics management system, school work management system and so the data interaction and linkage.

The advanced technology system development and application of advanced technologies in areas such as Dot Net and J2EE support based on the design of components, polymorphism, inheritance and interfaces, but also provide a basis for class library to perform I/O, XML processing, en pool database access, text manipulation and other advanced features.

The practicality of this system evolution decades, the essence of the company products, fully meet the requirements of the college application, has good practicability. The system provides a friendly user interface, simple and beautiful, easy to learn, to provide a full operating prompts and text and images to help.

Security in the full access to database data, the system provides password-based services, data confidentiality features, the use of information classification and role-based access, to establish a specific user access to the specified database, to provide for CRUD data access control. The system is running with the transaction mechanism, has a strong fault tolerance, to ensure that user data is accurate and secure. The perfect data backup and recovery functions, use of shared Sal Server Database to provide a very convenient and powerful database synchronization features, the database all the difference between scheduled backups to the database on the remote machine to ensure that when a database server downtime, misuse or remote backup database data loss caused by natural disasters and save the data integrity and timely recovery.

Operating efficiency of the system take full advantage of the features and advantages of the shared database, to strengthen the rational planning of the data, to establish a reasonable and efficient database access mechanism to ensure maintenance of data and easy to use. For example, use stored procedures and views to improve the speed of data access due account of redundancy to improve the access speed. Response for the system input, update and query time of departure into account, according to business needs and the basic characteristics of the database and general business operation response time should be less than 5 s; the operation of the large amount of data should not be more than 30 s.

Stability is the protection of long-term operation of the system for historical data and long-term inactive data points stored in the repository, a close correspondence between the multiple historical databases and the current database. This not only improves system speed, at the same time enhance the system stability. The system also extends the database load balancing mechanism to control the number of connected users at the same time, adequate protection of the stability of the system. Powerful system monitoring software and complete system log management for the system user’s login, modify, or delete key operation records backup for future need to check and verify. System errors that occur in the operation of classification to protect the stability of the system is running.

Normative system design and development process to fully understand the higher education system of quality management standards and operational characteristics, specifications and requirements, so this system at the same time, the software development process, software CMM level standards and application projects based on norms and standards; development specification and implementation of the project specifications and specific requirements to ensure the standardization of software engineering.

82.3.3 Business Process

The online reservation reimbursement process is divided into the following steps: (1) go to the website, fill out the reimbursement information (including basic information, the type of business and claims information, payment information), and print the claims. (2) Appointment reimbursement. (3) In accordance with the appointment, to carry the original certificate to the Finance Office for reimbursement. (4) Financial audit of claims and the original certificate and apply for reimbursement, and automatically generate accounting documents.

82.3.4 Functional Design

Reimbursement for college financial business, the main design of the following features: (1) loan management module to complete the single entry of the borrower, the borrower information query, delete borrower information, loan amount check. (2) The claims management module, including: expense report entry, claims inquiries, claims delete, reimbursement documents recorded automatically calculate the reimbursement of the total reimbursement of the amount of accounting. (3) Fixed asset management module, including: the information furnished in fixed assets, fixed assets, reimbursement information inquiry, asset accounting, automatically calculates the reimbursement based on reimbursement documents record the total, and so on. (4) Audit function modules, including borrowing a single audit, claims audit, fixed assets audit of three modules. (5) Role permissions management: the role permissions to involve all staff, including general staff, financial and asset. Different roles see different information. General staff is only responsible for entry and information submitted; asset responsible for auditing the fixed assets subject and submitted to the Finance staff to continue the review; financial officers responsible for the review of all documents.

82.4 Application of the Reimbursement System of Online Booking

82.4.1 Application for Landing System

Reimbursement people log online booking reimbursement system, after the way of the user name, password, and authentication code to authenticate the user, the user identity on the feasible user records. The choice of reimbursement projects, fill out the reimbursement of the basic information, such as reimbursement of costs, payment methods, application of scanner-related attachment scanning uploaded to the system.

82.4.2 Audit of the Original Bills

Reimbursement online fill order, the system is scheduled to automatically submit to the competent leadership for approval, approval of the leadership is not the time, place limitations of applying a digital signature and approval of business. And secure digital signatures for online reimbursement of security countermeasures. Necessary functional units of the special operations audit, the Treasurer audit before the audit after appointment.

82.4.3 Grade Appointment

Reimbursement staff to fill out the list of reimbursement of necessary appointment in the appointment of reimbursement system, compared to the same costs as reported bill, you can select multiple merge appointment, appointment and perform the manipulation, and select the reimbursement of time and reimbursement sites, print the bill of appointment reported.

82.4.4 Processing Appointment Online Business

Staff with the appointment of entry into force of newspaper bill reimbursement specified time by appointment to appointment the point of financial reimbursement to complete the actual task of reimbursement. Financial front auditors in accordance with the reimbursement held by the serial number of the reported bill, from the online booking reimbursement system bring up the report he submitted bills, accounting staff to carefully review the reimbursement bills, including the examination of original documents and online documents are the same, the project, reimbursement the correct type, the audit is correct will be converted into vouchers, to assume that the reimbursement data problem, and financial officers can directly modify the certificate in a single system interface. Reimbursement documents after the reimbursement, according to the appointment reimbursement, the reimbursement people choose cash to the cashier window recipients; choose a cash settlement will be reimbursement payments direct hit on the debit card, and after the SMS notification reimbursement.

82.5 Conclusion

Tthe online booking reimbursement system is for financial units that deal with a large number of bills daily. Its implementation will make the work simple on the electronic network, thereby reducing the financial staff, inefficiency, cumbersome workload, and reduce bills on the whole process, which greatly increases the college finances. The online reservation reimbursement system has been in implementation for a short time, and only a small number of colleges and universities in the country are using it. However, after the non-stop exploration and improvement, the business efficiency advantages will show in the near future. The online booking system will overhaul thoroughly the reimbursement system and will promote a wide range of applications.



The research was supported by the 2012 Social Science Fund Projects of Hubei Province (HB12YJ069).


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