The Application of Fuzzy Self-Tuning PID Controller in SEHS

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The existing hybrid fuzzy PID controller does not perform using electric hydraulic servo system application (SEHS). Therefore, when the system parameters change it will require a new adjustment of PID controller variable. Therefore, a hybrid fuzzy and fuzzy self-tuning PID control was put forward. This control scheme was divided into two parts, the fuzzy controller and fuzzy self-tuning PID controller. Fuzzy controller is used to control the output of the system of the values of the system away from target value. We proved the performance of the control scheme through the experiment of the motor speed control SEHS. The experimental results show that the proposed hybrid fuzzy PID controller and fuzzy self-tuning effect is better than that of a hybrid fuzzy and PID controller.


Fuzzy self-tuning PID controller Servo electro-hydraulic system Motor speed control 


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